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  • Prioritizing Cybersecurity
    14 Sep, 2020

    Prioritizing Cybersecurity

      Why Prioritizing Cybersecurity is Needed for Small Businesses As a small business owner your days are likely filled with a million different tasks just to keep your company afloat. The number of items on your to-do list can quickly become overwhelming and occasionally certain things can fall by the ...

  • Cyber Insurance
    31 Aug, 2020

    Cyber Insurance

      What is Cyber Insurance and Do You Need It? Is your company on solid financial footing? Are you prepared to weather a cyber attack? If you’re not sure, you may be interested in learning about a relatively new insurance product, cyber insurance. In this blog we’ll explain this type ...

  • Employee Device Security
    18 Aug, 2020

    Employee Device Security

      Importance of Employee Device Security With more employees around the world working from home than ever before, it’s important that as an employer or manager, you understand the types of devices that are being used by your employees. While research shows that more than 60% of those surveyed by ...

  • Antivirus Software
    22 Jul, 2020

    Antivirus Software

      What to Look for When Purchasing Antivirus Software With COVID-19 on the brains of most everyone across the country, working from home has become almost a necessity. While working from home offers additional flexibility, it can also present a number of cybersecurity challenges. At Unified Network Group, we’ve worked ...

  • Managed Firewall Pricing
    10 Jul, 2020

    Managed Firewall Pricing

      If you are like most businesses, you have probably heard of firewalls, but may or may not be using them in your business. A managed firewall can be thought of as a traditional firewall on steroids. Today we will discuss more about what a managed firewall is as well ...

  • Jennifer Winstead | UNG IT Testimonial
    24 Jun, 2020

    Jennifer Winstead | UNG IT Testimonial

      At Unified Network Group our focus is on Managed IT Services that include Cloud Services, Cyber Security, Data Security that includes Data Back Up Solutions and of course Email Security. This is a pretty broad brush that can and does include the computer network staying secure, operational, and something ...

  • Keeping Hospital and Healthcare IT Networks Safe During COVID-19
    09 Jun, 2020

    Keeping Hospital and Healthcare IT Networks Safe During COVID-19

      The current pandemic has created an environment where the best of humanity is on display and keeping hospital and healthcare IT networks safe during COVID-19 is a top priority. Doctors, nurses, and other essential personnel on the front lines have been working diligently to care for those in need ...

  • Move To The Cloud With VOIP Phone System
    28 May, 2020

    Move To The Cloud With VOIP Phone System

      As more and more companies move to remote work environments, it’s more important than ever that your company is accessible regardless of location. VOIP phone service is an easy and cost-effective way to move your phone system to the cloud. At Unified Network Group, we’ve helped countless companies of ...

  • Prepare Your Office for a Remote Work Environment
    19 May, 2020

    Prepare Your Office for a Remote Work Environment

    How Can Unified Network Group Help You Prepare Your Office for a Remote Work Environment? As COVID-19 is now affecting each and every individual and business across the country, companies are having to get creative when it comes to staying open and functional. Many companies have had to quickly shift ...

  • Data Security for Remote Workers
    01 May, 2020

    Data Security for Remote Workers

      With COVID-19 on the forefront of every employer’s mind, remote work is undoubtedly on the rise. In fact, with most states under some type of mandatory stay at home order, employers are having to scramble to ensure their employees are able to work from home. If you’re in this ...