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  • Instagram and its corporate benefits
    30 Jun, 2016

    Instagram and its corporate benefits

    “Double-tapping” is a phrase used to describe the liking of photos on Instagram, as a business you’d want to get as many double-taps as you can, but how? Should you invest in buying followers or start an excavation project in search of the genie lamp your parents buried in the ...

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  • Effective online reputation marketing tools
    21 Jun, 2016

    Effective online reputation marketing tools

    You can easily measure any celebrity’s success by one thing: their reputation. Celebs with questionable track records tend to star in less movies and make less money. This same notion can be applied to your company. By investing in the creation of a well-liked and interactive online reputation, the chances ...

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  • NBA team latest victim of spoofed email
    20 Jun, 2016

    NBA team latest victim of spoofed email

    For some NBA fans, the Milwaukee Bucks have long been a laughingstock on court. However, their most recent loss is no laughing matter. According to Yahoo! Sports, last month a team employee unknowingly sent out names, addresses, Social Security numbers, compensation information and dates of birth of players to a ...

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  • 15 Jun, 2016

    Beware of Spear Phishing

    The most recent, and most deceptive, email threat is spear phishing. Spear phishing is a highly targeted and very deceiving email that appears to be from someone you know. It usually appears to come from someone within your organization, but is actually from a criminal hacker attempting to trick you ...

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  • Online community building for businesses
    14 Jun, 2016

    Online community building for businesses

    What do circuses, the Internet and Harry Potter fans have in common? They are all communities that house numerous individuals sharing experiences and showing support on a common interest that defies geographical limitations. The 21st Century is an age where information reaches thousands in mere seconds, and what that can ...

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  • Threat alert: self-replicating ransomware
    09 Jun, 2016

    Threat alert: self-replicating ransomware

    The worrisome rise of ransomware doesn’t seem to be slowing as Microsoft recently announced the detection of self-propagating iterations of the malware. With this evolution, it is essential for SMBs to update their understanding of this security threat in order to properly protect themselves. Keep reading to learn how ransomware ...

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  • Market your business on Facebook for free
    01 Jun, 2016

    Market your business on Facebook for free

    Most small and medium sized businesses have a tight marketing budget – especially when it comes to social media. So if you’re looking to get noticed on Facebook, you may be reluctant to spend cash on an ad campaign. Luckily for you, there are several ways you can market your ...

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