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  • How can ERP improve your business?
    28 Sep, 2017

    How can ERP improve your business?

    Small- and medium-sized businesses constantly struggle with different areas of business, whether it’s accounting, inventory, or strategic planning. This is because SMBs often lack the tools to manage these systems efficiently. However, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can come in handy. If you’re looking to improve business performance, read on. ...

  • Office 365 threat comes with new techniques
    15 Sep, 2017

    Office 365 threat comes with new techniques

    If you’re using Office 365, you wouldn’t want to miss this news: Online scammers are carrying out a highly customized spear-phishing campaign to steal Office 365 users’ credentials and attack organizations internally. Get yourself informed and read on. What makes it different from other scams? The new threat comes in ...

  • DR tips for floods and hurricanes
    13 Sep, 2017

    DR tips for floods and hurricanes

    The trail of devastation left by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma has reminded us once again that coastlines and even entire regions of the country can be demolished by natural disasters. While catastrophes cannot be prevented, planning around them with a well-crafted disaster recovery (DR) strategy can help minimize the damages ...

  • Social engineering exploits Facebook
    11 Sep, 2017

    Social engineering exploits Facebook

    You’ve received a message from one of your Facebook friends. You click on the link not knowing what you’ve gotten yourself into. This describes one of the latest social media adware schemes, which has wreaked havoc on Facebook users worldwide. What is it? Little is known about the adware itself ...