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  • Cisco utilizes AI and Machine Learning
    31 Oct, 2017

    Cisco utilizes AI and Machine Learning

    IT systems are becoming increasingly complex to manage, so much so that humans alone can no longer make sense of them. As such, there is a growing demand for technologies that can help simplify and automate business IT. According to Cisco, the inception of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning ...

  • Secure your passwords now
    19 Oct, 2017

    Secure your passwords now

    For years, we’ve been told that strong passwords include three things: upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. And why wouldn’t we when the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) told us they were the minimum for robust passwords? Here’s why and how it involves you. The problem The ...

  • Top productivity hacks for computer users
    17 Oct, 2017

    Top productivity hacks for computer users

    We’re all obsessed with finding new ways to become more productive. Business gurus often emphasize the importance of time management and taking breaks to avoid burnout. But aside from motivating yourself to work more efficiently, there are plenty of tools that increase your daily output. If you use a computer ...

  • A beginner’s guide to creating Facebook ads
    11 Oct, 2017

    A beginner’s guide to creating Facebook ads

    No one can deny that social media has become a powerful online marketing channel. It’s cheaper, less complicated, more effective, and…a lot cooler. The numerous benefits are especially advantageous to small businesses that don’t have print or TV ads. Interested in creating a social media ad of your own? Read ...

  • Equifax’s Leak: lessons learned
    03 Oct, 2017

    Equifax’s Leak: lessons learned

    No business owner wants their customers’ data leaked, but no matter how well your prevention plan is, the unexpected can happen. And when it does, what will determine the fate of your business is how well you respond to it. So before you start planning an incident response, read the ...