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  • Disaster recovery audit fail: A few lessons
    27 Feb, 2019

    Disaster recovery audit fail: A few lessons

    In talking about disaster recovery plans (DPR), it’s best to illustrate with real-world scenarios to help you understand things better. They offer concrete examples of successes and failures, and you can learn a lot from them. Here’s an example of a DPR audit and the lessons it offers. Hosting certain ...

  • Virtualization containers 101
    25 Feb, 2019

    Virtualization containers 101

    The affordability of cloud computing and virtualization are helping small businesses do away with in-house IT hardware. Virtual containers are the next step in that trend. They come with plenty of benefits and are becoming easier to manage every day. What are containers and why are they so popular? Virtual ...

  • Cloud-hosted or on-premises VoIP?
    22 Feb, 2019

    Cloud-hosted or on-premises VoIP?

    Business communication is different from traditional landlines. Today’s buzzwords are internet-based phone systems or VoIP. Before upgrading your old phones, determine where you want the new system to be: in the cloud or on-premises? Installation and maintenance On-premises VoIP phone systems are installed in your office and typically managed and ...

  • A closer look at fileless malware
    19 Feb, 2019

    A closer look at fileless malware

    To avoid detection by antimalware programs, cybercriminals are increasingly abusing legitimate software tools and legitimate programs in systems to steal data or ruin its integrity. They use fileless malware to infiltrate trusted applications and issue executables that blend in with normal network traffic or IT/system administration tasks while leaving fewer ...

  • Making the most of digital marketing
    11 Feb, 2019

    Making the most of digital marketing

    Many business owners believe they should be promoting their organization in as many places as possible. Realistically, however, updating social media statuses without proper planning and strategy could do more harm than good. Read on to understand how timing is everything in social media marketing. Social media has helped businesses ...

  • 4 virtualization types and their benefits
    07 Feb, 2019

    4 virtualization types and their benefits

    The age-old proverb “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” is especially relevant when budgeting for IT services. Virtualization is one such way to “skin the cat,” as it helps businesses achieve their operational needs without having to incur as much expense as it traditionally would. What is ...

  • Make sure your VoIP phones survive a disaster
    06 Feb, 2019

    Make sure your VoIP phones survive a disaster

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony systems are great for today’s businesses. They’re more mobile with greater functionality and better cost efficiency versus traditional landline phones. But as with any technology, VoIP is vulnerable to disruptions due to equipment failure, disasters, and cyberattacks. Plan ahead and make sure your VoIP ...