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  • Moving to the Cloud
    06 Apr, 2020

    Moving to the Cloud

      While moving to the cloud was once only done by large companies, now the cloud is available and accessible to companies of all sizes. As the benefits of moving to the cloud continue to increase for businesses of all sizes, Unified Network Group is poised to help you chart ...

  • 4 Ways to Stay Safe While Shopping Online
    10 Dec, 2019

    4 Ways to Stay Safe While Shopping Online

    With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re likely gathering your list of gifts to purchase and like many of us you probably are planning to purchase most of your items online this year. This is a great way to save time and often money, but there are a variety of security ...

  • HTTPS matters more for Chrome
    14 Jun, 2018

    HTTPS matters more for Chrome

    HTTPS usage on the web has taken off as Chrome has evolved its security indicators. HTTPS has now become a requirement for many new browser features, and Chrome is dedicated to making it as easy as possible to set up HTTPS. Let’s take a look at how. For several years, ...