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Cloud Services

The cloud. You’ve heard about it, but do you really know what it is, or more importantly, how it can help your business? UNG has all the answers, with the IT and business expertise you need to simplify your transition to the cloud.

Transferring your technology to the cloud simply means that the physical aspects of your IT - along with their management and maintenance - are delivered via the Internet on a pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

Network Security Company Spartanburg

Cyber Security

Computer Data Security and Network Security for businesses throughout the Upstate and Charleston Coastal Areas

Are you constantly anxious about the safety of your precious data and how to protect it from viruses, malware, spyware, and user errors? Are you ever haunted by the idea that a laptop or USB drive could be stolen or lost, effecting an internal threat?

With complete Data Security that's created with your specific business needs in mind, you can end anxiety over the many threats to your business and data. The Network and Data Security UNG provide is a comprehensive approach to protect you from the firewall to the keyboard and mouse. 

UNG Disaster Recovery Unit

Data Security

Businesses today are constantly challenged with data and critical application threats which result in downtime and can bring businesses to a grinding halt. But with UNG's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions, you can make downtime and data loss a thing of the past.

Email Security & Encryption

We have all heard the questions across the office. “Do you think this email is legit?” What if it isn’t? How do you protect your network from email threats? How do you know if the attachment is alright to open? With our robust email security options, we can ensure your business enjoys a reliable email solution without being exposed to the abundant threats associated with email.


As the market becomes more and more globalized, keeping up with the competition requires progressive communication technology. Small and medium-sized businesses like yours need the same advanced and reliable communication solutions as large companies do, but without the high costs or frustrating complexity.